Stock Service

Stock service


Evolving market requirements have forced our customers to organize their production to be more flexible. It is only possible to cope with sudden changes in plans if the raw materials are immediately available.

Always focused on our customer’s needs, we have created the Stock Service to guarantee a minimum quantity of stock material for emergency demands.

Customers are welcome to contract production and stores in our warehouses for their unexpected needs.

Fast delivery

Thanks to an excellent logistic organization, we can guarantee short time deliveries in Europe and around the World.

A well-established network of freight forwarders covers the national and European area, and guarantees a regular and reliable delivery service.

 Intermodal transportation and sea freight are used to cope with long distances and overseas shipping, helping us reduce the overall cost and to better respect the environment.

Special profiles

Our technical staff is available to study the production of special section and shape profiles, or special customer-fit steel grades.


Product tracking

All material produced is identified by steel grade, casting, chemical analysis, size and production date. This process guarantees full material traceability.